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Water leak

Walking in to your home drowning in water is terrifying. When you experience flooding in your home or commercial property, call the team that has unmatched expe... READ MORE

Fire Damage

After the fire trucks leave, your home likely suffers from fire and smoke damage and extensive water damage from firefighting efforts. SERVPRO has the specializ... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire

Kitchen fires are some of the most common types of house fires that occur each year. From food being left on the stove to grease fires to gas line ruptures, don... READ MORE

Child's Costume

When disasters, like a fire or water damage, occur in your home, it is devastating on many levels. Loss of belongings or worse your entire home carries many emo... READ MORE

Jersey Restoration

SERVPRO of Floyd County specializes is all kinds of restoration needs, but occasionally there are items that require a specialist to restore them. Artwork, elec... READ MORE

Trust SERVPRO of Floyd County with your water damage!

SERVPRO of Floyd County is your local team of professionals for all of your water damage needs. We are standing by to make sure your property doesn't fall victi... READ MORE

Contents Mold

SERVPRO of Floyd County can not only clean mold on your home or building structure, we can also clean it from your contents. We partner with many local vendors ... READ MORE

Bedroom Mold

Mold can show up in any room in any building. SERVPRO of Floyd County was able to remove the mold buildup from this bedroom. With our team of experts, proper eq... READ MORE

Flash Flooding

Flash flooding can cause any number of problems, including the infiltration of buildings. In this case, strong storms caused a significant amount of rain fell i... READ MORE

Tornado Damage

When severe weather strikes, the potential exists for any number of disasters to occur. One of these is a tornado. These weather phenomena cause a wide array of... READ MORE